Notes on standard continuous distributions (pdf file)   Version 4 dated March 2020.

Now 262 pages and covering some 57 standard distributions including  gamma, chi-squared, normal, lognormal, beta, arcsine, t, Cauchy, F, power, Laplace, Rayleigh, Weibull, Pareto, bivariate normal, multivariate normal, bivariate t, and multivariate t distributions.

Programming Exercises for R (pdf file)   These exercises are useful for those learning to program R.

The following  lecture notes cover the syllabus specified by the Institute of Actuaries for the module called CT1 Financial Mathematics. They are suitable for self-study and have been used in this way for several years.

act2016-3.pdf    This version is monochrome and suitable for printing.
actc2016-3.pdf   This is a version with coloured hyperlinks and is more suitable for reading in a pdf viewer.